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Jamie Lynn

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I'm a graphic interactive designer based in Wisconsin. I'm a recent college graduate from University of Wisconsin-Stout looking for employment. I help people turn their ideas into a reality.


A Midwestern Childhood - Interactive Design

This is an interactive piece I created for the final of Interactive Media Design. The goal was to create an experience for the user including video and audio. The inspiration for this project came from my own childhood and the memories I have. To go through the experience yourself:

Hiking Experience - Kiosk

This is another media experience I created this in my Junior year of Interactive Media Design. This project was the use of video and audio to create an experience for the user. I pulled inspiration from my love of the outdoors and hiking. If you would like to go through the experience please contact me and I can email you the file.

The One Where You Direct -
Interactive Media

This is another Interactive Media project. The objective was to take forms and make them into a game. I drew inspiration from the show Friends and the curiosity of what it would be like to direct an episode. If you would like to play:

UW-Stout Parking - Web and
App Design

This is a User Experience project where our class redesigned UW-Stouts parking app and website using real testing and prototypes. This was also a partner project to work on teamwork as well.

Saturn - Brand Design

This was one of my favorite projects to work on. We had to create a world and then make a brand identity for that world. You could choose something that already existed or create something entirely new. Even though my planet name is not a new name and I pulled things from an already created world. I put a lot of different aspects into one to create an all new world and story.